Every day e-sports have dominated the game market, attracting new players, new teams and, of course, new championships. And even if you’re still at a low level, playing in championships is very important.

Want to know why? Read this text that Duality did for you!

First of all, know how the e-sports championships work, so you can already have an idea of what it will be like and prefer a model. Look that: How e-sports championships work

As in traditional sports, there are leagues, teams, coaches, and of course, players. Some championships even have official narrators. The matches are broadcast over the internet and can be seen by millions of people. And if you are a very famous player, you can make money, sponsors and a legion of fans. But if not, don’t give up, you can get there!

Tournaments in the e-sports universe can be played in different formats, find out which ones are:

Knock-out or Tournament: this mode is in the key format with single or double elimination, and can involve a large number of competitors.

Swiss format: similar to the previous one, teams are divided into braces and play to win a number of matches. In each victory or defeat, the groups are reorganized until only teams that had the specific amount of victories to dispute the final stages.

Round Robin or League: the teams are grouped in braces or all together play against everyone accumulating points throughout the championship. Those who make the highest score move on to the knockout stages.

Climbing: this is the most common format in the final stages of tournaments, mainly by Riot in CBLOL. In this model, the emphasis is placed on the teams in which they achieved the best placements in the previous phases. In the climb, the first place from the previous stages goes straight to the final, while the fifth place plays against the fourth. The winner plays with the third and the semi-final happens between the winner and the second placed.

Why is playing in e-sports championships important?

There are several options for game competitions, such as DotA, League of Legends, Counter Strike, among others, and if you want to grow and increase your skills in e-sports, playing for playing is not enough, you need to have contact with the real championships.

Even if you are at a lower level, this is very important, as it increases your opportunities to meet more people, improve your team’s gameplay, become familiar with the rules and modalities, and especially with the competitive universe.

If you feel a little out of place at first, choose smaller championships, or set up your own. This helps both individually and as a team! How can I improve my skill?

Following some valuable tips is sure to improve your skills, and we’ve set out a few to inspire you: Analyze your performance

Don’t just play for playing, always try to analyze what went wrong and how you can improve. Being critical of your own game can help you perform satisfactorily.

Communicate with your team The main e-sports games are highly competitive, such as LoL, CS-GO, WoW, and others. Therefore, success depends a lot on communication and teamwork. Not everyone is predisposed to use voice chat, but know that this is the best way, and you can even suggest apps that help! (link to blog: in game communication)

Create a routine Following a routine can help a lot in your performance. With it you can create times for meetings with your team, set training times for the championship, and of course, set aside time to rest.

Watch professional streams With the increase in e-sports, a greater number of excellent professionals are taking over the sport, and you can follow them. Watching competitive championships is like doing your homework complete and then some, plus learning about new builds, goals, tricks, and more! What are the main e-sports championships?

There are several championships around the world, but among all, some stand out, they are:

The International: Dota 2 championship, which is held annually by the game developer Valve Corporation.

League of Legends World Championship: world championship that is organized by Riot Games.

ELEAGUE Major: world championship of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Brazilian League of Legends Championship: better known as CBLOL, it is the largest e-sports championship in Brazil. In the 2016 final, the championship had an audience of 2.1 million people (about half the audience in the final of the Brazilian Championship).

As you have seen, the world of e-sports is not just a game, so you need to train to become a great player, and a good start is participating in championships. Talk to your team and expose the benefits, moreover, take it easy and lots of training, we know you will make it! Want to know more about subjects like this? Just keep an eye on our blog.