The growth of e-sport around the world is notorious, and in order to perform well, some requirements are necessary, such as a great team. If you are looking for a team to play, or if your team is not yet complete, this text is for you! We have separated 5 tips for you to find the right people for your e-sports team. But first, how about understanding the reason for having a team in e-sports?

In addition to the majority of e-sports being played as a team, having a team is one of the main points to be followed in the path of victory. You will become one, with a single goal, to win! And to take your team to victory, some requirements are important, in addition to a good team, it is necessary to divide the function of each one, analyze the weaknesses and strengths of each one, and organize tactics and strategies. For that, it is necessary to find the right people for your team. We have separated 5 tips that will help you in this moment:

1 - Know the game you want to play

This may seem unnecessary, but it is very important to know the game, who are the most important figures in the scenario, and how far you can go inside it. The options are huge, but the main games are CS: GO, LoL, Overwatch and PUBG. Just choose the one you like best, and think about functions that you perform well. You can start playing in different roles and over time choose the one you like best.

2 - Search for people with the same goal as yours

As stated earlier, most of the time e-sport is played as a team. So be absolutely sure that you are accompanied by people who have the same goals as you. It is very important that your team is in tune to achieve the same goal.

3 - Choose people who know how to work as a team

It must be kept in mind that for a good performance, a good team is needed. Choose to choose people who know how to play as a team, respecting other teammates. Remember, no matter how good the player is, no one likes anyone who complains about everything or has difficulty controlling emotionally, so use that as a decision factor as well.

4 - Find players for each role

Need an AWP? Jungler? Coach? Or even a Streamer? Then look for players that fit each role. Your team can start by participating in small championships to test each other’s performance.

5 - Create a Duality profile

Whether you are looking for a team, or looking for someone to complete your team, Duality is the right place for you! Here you create your profile according to your needs, saying who you are and where you want to go. In addition to finding teams, you can advertise vacancies for your team, no matter if you are a player you need or another type of professional like a Streamer, you can advertise on Duality!

Extra tip: define requirements

Defining some requirements for your team can help you succeed. How to have a quality microphone or headset for communication during training. Availability to train at times that are good for everyone. Determination and collaboration with the team. Know how to listen and follow the instructions of the team captain or coach. Be willing to learn and respect everyone around you.

With these five steps, you will probably be more likely to form a successful team. But remember, to become a good player, choosing a good team is not enough, it is necessary to strive, be patient and above all, not give up.

What are the advantages of forming a team with Duality?

Easy to find new players

We know that finding people in any sport is difficult, as you need to consider goals, levels, location, in-game function and especially the times available for training.

In Duality you will find exactly what you are looking for, as well as being found by those who need you! Just create a profile according to your needs.

Create your own team

If you already have a team formed, but are looking for new people, Duality also offers a quick and practical way to create a team. Take the opportunity to invite new players!

Join amateur or professional teams and participate in championships

If you dream of starting a career in the world of e-sports, you can start practicing in championships and choose between amateur or professional teams!

With these tips, we’re sure you’ll find a great team. So don’t waste any more time, register with Duality and find what you’re looking for!