Were you missing a championship organized by the Duality team? So do we! We did this one in Santa Catarina - Brazil in partnership with the lan Arena Cyber Gaming and I will tell you how it went!

Turbulent start

The tournament was supposed to be at an anime event that takes place every year in Santa Catarina, the Anime Gakuen. So we limited the number of participating teams as there was limited space at the event and reduced hours. All this to be able to deliver a top experience for all subscribers. The computers and structure were to be moved from Arena Cyber Gaming to the event.

Everything was alright, but with the advancement of Corona Virus, all events with an audience greater than 100 people were canceled about 1 day before the championship. In order not to harm the teams we decided to make the games at Arena Cyber Gaming.

Despite the turbulent start, the structure of the Arena is very good and it couldn’t have been better.

The tournament

Among the participating teams, the Mavericks ended up taking the best passing over Hadouken in the final.

On the lan several joked that Mavericks was always vice, but this time it was different! Total merit of the team that has been evolving with each championship. Great example of persistence and dedication!

The Hadouken team was known for winning most of the championships in Santa Catarina but made some changes to the lineup recently and got second place. In view of the recent line that was not yet well integrated, I believe it was a great result too! Of the other teams, several had their highlights too! We were missing those moments of rivalry and overcoming that only happen in lan and we had several in that championship!

For those who want to know a little more, everything that was staged was also recorded and is available on Arena Cyber Gaming twitch.


I was impressed with how warm the Santa Catarina scene is and has so many strong teams. We had several extremely disputed matches, with several very tight results. Several 16x14, 16x13 and so on.

Huge pride in being part of this Santa Catarina community. Thank you Santa Catarina for welcoming our team.

I would like to congratulate all the teams that were among the first placed and also the players of Mavericks Gaming that was champion!

But not only the first places, I believe that everyone’s participation was essential for the event to be so cool!

For the teams that lost all the matches or did not do as well as they would like, my message is that the guys at Mavericks and other teams that today are winning championships were also like you. Persistence is enough to change this reality. Put it in your mind too that a community is made by everyone, regardless of level. Thank you so much for not giving up and participating in this championship with us! The growth of the community depends on all of us! Do not give up!

We would like to thank you for the affection of all participants, regardless of level, team from Arena Cyber Gaming and everyone who helped in some way to make the championship possible.

This was not even far the last championship organized by the the Duality team, we have a lot more where this one came from for you!

See you.