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With this post I'll explain a little more how the tactical mode of training servers for CS:GO teams from Duality works.

Tactical mode

The tactical mode is optimized so that your team can create their strategies and tactics. There is no special plugin or anything very different. The idea is that players enter the server and can train their executions.

Settings such as virtually unlimited round time (60 minutes), 60k money, display bullet trails are present in this mode so that players can log in and rehearse their moves, saving time on settings that would normally be necessary for this type of training.

Another setting that is enabled is the possibility of using commands such as "noclip", which allows players to get to a position on the map more quickly or to places where they would need a little help from other players and would not be able to reach it alone.

You will need to bind to use the "noclip" command, you can do it using the command below (example of bind on the ALT key):

bind "ALT" "noclip"


Commands can be executed via chat (say - usually y key).

  • .menu - Displays the menu so that tactical mode can be selected. (Option number 2)
  • .restart - Restarts the round. Useful when any player has run out of money or needs to reset some configuration.
  • .map - Command to switch maps. Example: .map de_inferno


Tactical mode is one of the simplest but probably one of the most useful of the Duality servers for training CS:GO teams. The settings are optimized for a high performance and for the team to train their tactics as soon as possible, without complications.

In the next posts we will show you a little more of the other modes, many of them a little more advanced and that will help even more in your team's training routine.

Want to know more about Duality training servers and how to hire? Access the page that talks more about our server (in brazilian portuguese for now - let us know if you need any additional info and hire in other currency than brazilian Real - our servers are located worldwide).

Regards, until next time.