We often organize e-Sports tournaments on Duality. The tournaments aim to promote the formation of teams and help the community to grow more and more.

How often do Duality tournaments take place?

We have several tournaments going on periodically. You can take a look at our championships page.

Duality tournaments are run using which servers?

For most games, servers are not necessary because we can use the game servers themselves, but for CS:GO we use our own servers configured by us in one of the best data centers in the world. Counter-Strike servers are configured at 128 tick rates and have been optimized for high performance.

Do Duality tournaments have any anti-cheat?

For most games, no anti-cheat is necessary as the games themselves have them. For CS:GO, we have our own anti-cheat that is on the server side and a team of judges watching the games all the time. No anti-cheat is perfect and that is why we will always be watching and reviewing matches in case of complaints.

How can I apply?

Each tournament has a registration page. You can take a look at our tournaments page for more information on each tournament.