Duality League Leveling

We know that playing uneven games has a very bad impact on the routine of a team or players who are solo. Even with a group of friends it is quite annoying.

For the team that wins, in addition to not being a pleasant game, the team and the players do not evolve. For the team that loses, despite being able to bring some learnings, evolution can take longer and the demotivation of a defeat in a game that didn't have many chances is also huge.

Solving the problem is quite difficult. But we did our best to make the Duality League as level as possible.

But then how will leveling work in Duality League?


The first step that we felt would help a lot to improve the leveling of matches was to get rid of the smurfs.

Existing platforms do not punish smurf accounts, nor are there any clear rules of the practice.

But the fact is that smurfs accounts greatly harm the match because the platform cannot understand the real average level of the team to recommend other teams to play against.

With cadastral validation, each profile becomes unique per brazilian CPF. This means that the player cannot have multiple accounts. This makes him need to use the main account.

Another factor is that smurfs accounts will generally not pass the minimum CS:GO account requirements we have set for playing the league. These accounts generally do not have the minimum amount of game hours to play the league, nor the medals and friends in the profile.

And if the player has the minimum and register the smurf account in the profile?

For these cases, we will have a reporting form that you can use to report violators.

Unlike other platforms, on our platform we understand that smurf accounts are harmful and that it is against the rules.

League leveling by series

As in the Brazilian soccer championship (we talked a little bit about how we are mirroring ourselves in something that works), the league will be divided into series.

We will have Series A, B, C, D, depending only on the number of teams registered. We are going to aim to have 10 to 20 teams in each series so that the teams play a lot, fitting the teams according to their levels. Maybe in the first stage we won't have the 4 series yet, everything will depend on the number of teams registered.

This means that registered teams will be placed in the series according to their levels, preventing very strong teams from falling into the same series as lower-level teams.

In the first step we will make the selection by doing an extensive survey of the teams. For this research, we will use as a basis the levels on other platforms, championships already played, placement in these championships, CS:GO hours and profile of the team's players.

We will do this in the first stage as we do not yet have a leveling on our own platform.

And the other stages?

For the other stages, the leveling will be by merit in the previous series. The first 4 places go up in series, the last ones are relegated. Just like in soccer championships.

Penalties for abandonment

The truth is that W.Os in championships are very boring! Teams want to play! Want to train! The teams want to have victories by merit and not by the opposing team quit.

To prevent this from happening, we will punish teams and players who quit. They will lose reputation points for each W.O taken and in case of very low reputation they will be banned from the league and the next editions.

In summary

  • - Organization of teams in series according to their levels.
  • - We will use the history of the team and the players as a basis to make this organization in the first stage.
  • - In the other stages, the leveling happens by the series itself, the best are promoted and the worst are relegated.
  • - 10 to 20 teams per series.
  • - Mechanisms on the platform against smurfs accounts.
  • - Teams and players who abandon matches will be punished.

We look forward to seeing you in the Duality League in April! Come with us! Together we are stronger!