Duality League Prize Pool

You who are following our blog and posts on social networks thought that the league would not have prize pool?

Just because we haven't talked about it yet, it wouldn't happen!

Although the league's focus is on training teams in a safe and quality environment, we know how important prize pool is. It's not the awards themselves that will change people's lives, but we strongly believe that recognition has a chance to do that.

To this day I am marked by the experiences I had with championships I played 10 years ago. These experiences shaped my character, strengthened my friendships, made me a better person.

Until today, my best friends, the longest-standing ones, were the ones I met playing Counter-Strike. The most lasting friendships were the ones I made and strengthened with teams playing championships and being among the best.

This is the purpose of Duality. Bring this feeling and this learning to more people! Replicate the positive eSports experiences our team had in the past. Being able to bring the feeling of achievement and the taste of victory to more people.

But we know that in addition to the feeling of victory, recognition needs to come somehow. We believe that prize money is one of the best ways to do this as it helps teams stay on the scene. But keep reading because that's not all we're going to do for the best teams!

What's the prize then?

The top 4 teams, in addition to being promoted by series, will receive a cash prize.

The top finishers will also receive medals, trophies and custom Duality t-shirts. The value of the prize can reach up to R$2400.00 per series and R$7200.00 per stage, depending only on the number of teams and series.

The prize will be distributed at each stage of the league, that is, every two months you will have a new chance to be among the first places and receive the prizes.

In case of 4 series (A, B, C and D) and 20 teams in each series, the award will be according to the example below:

Series A (R$2400.00)

1st place: R$1200.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals + 5 custom Duality t-shirts

2nd place: R$700.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

3rd place: R$300.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

4th place: R$200.00 in cash

Series B (R$2000.00)

1st place: R$1000.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals + 5 custom Duality t-shirts

2nd place: R$600.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

3rd place: R$250.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

4th place: R$150.00 in cash

Series C (R$1600.00)

1st place: R$800.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals + 5 custom Duality t-shirts

2nd place: R$500.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

3rd place: R$200.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

4th place: R$100.00 in cash

Series D (R$1200.00)

1st place: R$600.00 in cash + trophy + 5 medals + 5 personalized Duality t-shirts

2nd place: R$400.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

3rd place: R$150.00 cash + trophy + 5 medals

4th place: R$50.00 in cash

An important detail to be aware of is that the above values ​​are simulations. In other words, the prize pool will be lower in case of a smaller number of teams in each stage in a proportional way and will not be higher in case of a greater number of teams in each stage.

We value transparency and before the stage starts, we will make it clear to all registered teams what the prize will be.

Did you like the news?

Although it is not the focus of the Duality League, we know that prizes are important, so we think carefully about this item as well.

As we said before, the prize pool will depend on the number of teams. Do you believe that it is possible to reach enough teams to be able to give the prize of R$7200,00? We believe!

Come with us! Together we are stronger!