In the last few days, we have presented on our social networks the news that we will be organizing a CS:GO league, the Duality League!

But what we haven't said yet is that the Duality League is not just any league, it was designed in detail for those who want to play seriously! Cheaters, Toxics, Smurfs and Trolls will have no place in the league or on the platform.

Learn how this will work.

No more impunity!

Tired of playing on platforms where cheaters and toxics, no matter how much they are banned, return to play with other accounts?

Our platform will carry out a cadastral verification using the document (for now only Brazilian CPF). That is, banned players will not be able to create other accounts to play!

No more playing uneven games!

Tired of playing unbalanced and crowded games of Smurfs?

In addition to the registration being unique per brazilian CPF, we will have some limits on Steam accounts so that players can participate in the Duality League and play on our platform.

Being good in the world of eSports takes a lot of time. The person needs to train and dedicate himself, invest several hours. Very new Steam accounts, with few hours of play, few medals, free (no prime), usually indicate something wrong. Prime, minimum CS:GO hours and other requirements will be required to play.

In addition, the league will be divided into series so that the teams to be faced will have a level similar to yours.

We will explain all the criteria a little more in the next articles.


We will be extremely strict with toxicity and cheating. If you want to play quality matches and train with your team you've come to the right place!

We will explain a little more about punishments in the next articles.


Players will have a reputation score. This score will compose a ranking that will result in awards at the end of the season.

At the end of each match, you will evaluate your teammates and opponents. We hope you are honest in your reviews, but to avoid negative reviews for no real reason, a bonus will be given for good reviews.

Players with a very low reputation score will be kicked out of the league.

Did you like it?

Did you like the news? More coming in the next few days!

The Duality League starts in April (Brazil only - for now) and registrations will open soon. Keep an eye on our website and social media in the coming days!