Duality Premium Plan

You may have seen in the last few days that we announced our league, the Duality League.

But what you still don't know is that playing the league is just one of the benefits of being premium in Duality.

In this post we will explain a little more what other benefits you have in being Duality Premium.

Duality Premium Benefits

Duality League

As with other platforms, playing the leagues is exclusive to subscribers. This, in addition to helping the platform maintain its server structure, inhibits players who don't want to take something as important as a league seriously.

Unlike other leagues, our league will have a unique format. It was made for teams to play a lot of games, that is, to train a lot and evolve in the game.

In addition to the unique format, we think of every detail to keep the environment as safe as possible. Cheaters, trolls, smurfs and toxics will not be welcome and will be punished, with no chance of returning with other accounts.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest differentials of the premium plan. Play various games on a platform designed for players and the community.

Training Server Included

You who are part of a team in which at least 5 members are subscribers will be able to enjoy our training server.

Our servers have different training modes to help with the team's training routine: warmup, tactical training, grenade training, retake, bo1, bo3 and bo5 matches and 30 round training mode.

The quality of our servers is differentiated. We know that servers with high variance interfere with a team's training routine and that's why we dedicate ourselves so much to deliver you servers with professional quality.

To learn more about training servers, access post we made dedicated to this.< /p>

Weekly Bootcamps

Starting in March, we will have weekly bootcamps. Participation is exclusive to those who subscribe to Premium.

Bootcamps are a kind of mini championship made for teams to train.

In the coming weeks we'll be giving you more details on how bootcamps will work, so stay tuned to our blog and social media.

Scheduling matches and training between teams

You who pay the premium can use our servers to train against other teams and play with friends.

For now these games will still need to be scheduled up to 1 day in advance (we will explain in future posts how the schedules will work), exactly how the league games will be played.

The other members of the match do not need to be Premium as long as you start the booking process, however they will need to have Duality accounts and have their steams registered.

How much does Duality Premium cost?

The cost of the Premium plan is R$20.00 per month. For now, we only accept Brazilian players.

For those who subscribe in the next few days, the amount will only be debited from the card on 04/15/2022, which is when all premium features will be available and the league will be about to start.

How do I subscribe?

In the next few days we will have a button on our portal for subscribe. We'll let you know here on the blog and on social media when it's available.


Premium plan features:

  • - Access to Duality League (from the first edition - start on 04/25)
  • - Training servers for a team with 5 subscribers (already available)
  • - Bootcamps for training between teams (from 03/25)
  • - Scheduling of training and availability of servers for matches between teams (from 04/15)

The first premium plan monthly fee will only be deducted from your card from 04/15.

What else is to come?

You must have noticed that we are releasing news every day, right?

And we won't stop there!

We know that players also want to play ranked solo matches and lobbies with friends. These will undoubtedly be our next steps. The premium plan will evolve to add these new features, always focusing on delivering quality matches and a safe environment for you.

Do you believe this will be possible? We believe! Come with us and together we will be stronger!

We look forward to seeing you at the Duality League in April!