My friends, what tournament was that!? 30 fucking times, 6 simultaneous matches for most of the tournament, streams rolling all the time, no toxicity, almost no delays! It was a long time since we had such a great experience of organizing a championship!

We are very happy to have provided this experience for you and to have helped Arena Cyber Gaming lan house!!! It was amazing!

On behalf of the Duality team, I would like to thank all the players very much! If it weren’t for your participation, we wouldn’t have been able to help the Arena stay in quarantine and I see that everyone did their part to make the championship as punctual and organized as possible.

Our special thanks to the streamers who helped us to make sure that the championship could be followed by other players, we have to show the world the incredible community that we are creating and you were key players in making this happen. Thank you!

And of course, our partner Arena Cyber Gaming, who helped us from the beginning in organizing and managing the tournament. Keep on fighting, I’m sure you’ll be back with everything after quarantine!

Congratulations to the Cyber Gaming team, which ended up getting the better of several very difficult matches, including in the group stage.

In the end, the classification went like this:

1 - Cyber Gaming

2 - 4funzeiros

3 - poucamidia

4 - Sem Radar

5 - -014gANg

6-8 - Astro Gaming, Intusvis, NewBlood

9-12 - L.E Gaming, Monster Gaming, Muita midia pouca mira,

Match demos

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Grupo E

Group F