How to better organize your e-sports team’s training routine


If you are active in the universe of e-sports, you know that to become a professional some rigorous training is necessary. Games are faster and more immersive than ever, so how do you create a routine that will help you and your team without disturbing your outside activities?

Some players study, work or do another type of activity, and need to reconcile the time with the training of their team. Thinking about it, Duality separated this complete text with tips to organize the training routine of your e-sports team.

How to create a training routine with my e-sport team?

Set times and days

Talk to your team and define the best day and time to take a few hours and focus on training. Take into account a calm period, when you don’t have to rush to start and end the game. Consider at least two days off for your team, so you can replenish your energy to start again with a lot of energy.

  • Rest and relax a lot **

It is very important to keep your sleep, food, social life and mentality schedules healthy, as this allows you and your team to play as much as possible every day. Relaxing is also essential, with each game ended, try to take a break of 15 minutes. Perhaps relaxing in e-sports is a little difficult, as work is also a hobby for many, so try to find other activities to relax, such as playing with your pet, taking a walk around the house, eating a snack, among others. others.

Stay active in the outside world

Don’t put your outdoor activities aside, so finding a balance is very important. For example, if you are in college and need to study for exams, talk to your team to find alternative times for training, enabling you to perform excellently in both activities.

The obvious needs to be said

Communication is essential to maintaining a good routine. Before starting the training, your team can have a meeting, presenting what each one expects, how they can organize themselves better and provided any situation that is useful. If you are not well for training, inform your team, it is important that everyone is aware of what is going on.

Choose a captain to organize the team strategy

In addition to the routine, it is important to have a manager to organize the team’s strategy and see how it will perform. Pointing out mistakes and thinking about ways to avoid them is also necessary, strengthening everyone’s performance.

Know how to work in a team

The main e-games are all played as a team, like LoL and CS: GO, so it is very important to know how to work well with more players. Without teamwork, nothing goes forward, so it is necessary that everyone is aligned with tactics and strategies together, forming a unit and not a group with individual talents. Why does my e-sports team need a training routine?

You may be wondering if your team really needs to create a routine, and know that the answer is yes!

With a routine you can improve your skills much more, in addition to strengthening the union as a group. Because if you create a discipline during training, it will be no different in a championship.

Benefits of creating and following a routine

More organization

Finding a balance between the virtual world and the real world is essential if you want to play well, and creating a routine is possible. Make it a habit to write down your tasks, so you avoid forgetting something important.

Improves focus

With a routine you know what the priorities of your day are, as well as being aware of how long each activity will take. With that, you can move towards what really matters and organize yourself better for the rest of the day.

Help with strategic planning

With the organization of all your activities and time organization, you have a strategic view on everything, especially in giving priority to the information you have listed. This planning is for everything, not just for the training routine.

More time in your life

It may not seem like it, but routine gives us a lot more useful time in our lives, because because everything is organized and planned, we know how to make the most of our free time. In addition, you become more prepared for unforeseen events.

Did you like the tips? They become very useful when applied, so how about sharing with your team? And if you don’t have a team yet, know that Duality can help you! Enter our website and find the best team for you!