Hey players, all right?

As you already know, eSports are growing more and more, and with that great opportunities appear in the market. According to [this survey] (https://www.statista.com/statistics/490522/global-esports-market-revenue/), this is a market valued at just over a billion dollars, in addition to to have a growth projection of around 60% by 2022, which is crazy, right? So how about taking advantage of them? We help you. Today we’re going to talk about how to promote your team within the community and e-sports!

But first, let’s understand what are the main modalities of e-sports and the types of games, to see if they are in accordance with your team.


FPS (First Person Shooter), which translates to First Person Shooter, are the most common in the universe of e-sports. In it, the only visual reference you have is your weapon. Games in this modality pay very well, CS: GO for example is the second in the ranking of biggest prizes distributed in e-sports.


MOBAs ((Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games are also very successful among games. It brings a mix of strategy with RPG, allowing you to control a character and, with your team, destroy the rival base. When it comes to ranking of awards in these modalities the first place goes to League of Legends (LoL).


This modality is one of the best known, because they are simulators of physical sports, such as football (FIFA), basketball (NBA 2K) and American football (Madden NFL). Although they are very popular and even have their own leagues and professional circuits, they do not have the same relevance in audience and awards, when compared to other modalities.

Battle Royale

This is one of the most recent forms of e-sports, but it is already very successful. One of the best known games is Fortnite, where the goal is to survive, explore and use the resources that are available on the map. The winner, who can be a group or just a player, is the one who survives to the end.

Now that you know what are the main types of e-sports, and play in any of them, learn how to promote your team within the community. We have separated some tips for you to create a partnership, which basically is a win-win relationship between your team and the partner that will help with some collaboration for your team.

Research the possibilities

Do not go out offering partnerships to anyone without having a project or criteria. For example, if your team plays LoL, you will not be looking for partnerships with CS: GO stakeholders. Look for affinities between your team’s profile and the profile of the possible partner.

What does your team have to offer?

When looking for a partnership to promote your team, you need to know that surely the first thought that will come into your potential partner’s mind will be: what do they have to offer? And it is at this time that your team needs to have very well defined in your head what you will have to offer.

For example, you can encourage more people to get to know your partner and use what he has to offer in exchange for publicizing your team.

Set goals Now that your partner already knows what you have to offer, try to set a goal. For example, if you partner with someone who sells products to gamers, setting a goal would be something like increasing customers through referrals from the team.

Make your team visible on social media Your team can create a Facebook page. Try to get the most likes on your page, because the more you get, the more potential you have to get partners. Creating a group on WhatsApp is also a great option, there you can advertise your team’s next games, bringing more visibility.

Maintain a relationship with other teams It is very important to keep in touch with other teams, even rivals. This is because you will bring more visibility to your team, in addition to interacting with other players, standing out among the many.

Create a Duality profile Did you know that it is very easy to create a profile in Duality? Yeah! Here, all profiles are unique and you can tell everyone what you are and where you want to be in the competitive scenario. Have you thought about having your profile seen by several players? If you liked the idea, don’t waste time, just [click here] (https://www.duality.gg) to create your profile.

Now that you have great tips, think about which type of e-sports best suits your team, put into practice the guidelines to promote your team and enjoy the benefits!

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