We've just released Duality's CS:GO training server!

Anyone who has played a championship on our servers knows how much we care about the quality of the server. Located in one of the best data centers in the São Paulo region, our servers go far beyond just a server with good ping. Over the course of over 1 year of many tests, we have optimized them to deliver the best experience, a professional level experience even for amateurs or beginners.

Why are we releasing this now?

After a while organizing championships and helping other organizers with servers, we received a lot of praise from players. Due to the quality, service and experience we deliver, they wanted to use the servers to train/play and not just during championships. Now you can!

What is the difference between Duality servers and other servers on the market?

Dedicated instances

Many server companies end up selling far more than they can handle. Using the same machine, at times of low movement the server can even perform well, but at peak times when many teams are training at the same time the machine ends up not having enough resources to deliver the best experience for everyone.

With our servers, your team doesn't suffer during peak hours. Each server runs on a separate virtual machine, having no relationship with other servers that other teams are using.

No configuration required

Unlike our competitors, our servers come pre-configured for better performance and less lag. You don't need to understand CS:GO configs to use our servers.

In addition to the performance-related settings, we have 7 pre-configured modes for the different types of training in your routine:

  • - Warmup
  • - Tactical
  • - Granades
  • - Respawns
  • - Retake
  • - Match between teams
  • - 30 rounds mode

Over the next posts we will explain each of them better.


One of the characteristics of a quality server is low variation. The smaller the variation (VAR), the better the server quality. This means that the lower the VAR, the more "shots will catch" and the less bottlenecks you will have in playing.

Our servers were optimized to deliver the smallest possible variation, using computers with high processing power for that.

Liked it! How do I use it?!

If you want to rent one of our servers, the monthly cost is R$89/month, which is only R$17.80 per team member (in case of 5 members).

We have a 7-day trial period and during this period you can cancel whenever you want, regardless of the reason.

For now we only sell in brazilian reais and the purchase page is only in Portuguese, but we will have other options soon. If you want to rent a Duality server and cannot pay in brazilian reais, please contact us.