Hey guys, all right?

We have received several feedbacks so far and we are always relying on them to shape the Duality platform. What I really mean is that we are always listening to you, whether you are a player, streamer or any other professional in the field of eSports, everything you pass on to us is positive or point of improvement we use to improve our portal more and more.

It has been a few days since you must have noticed that the portal has changed. It is with great pleasure that I announce that we have launched this new version, a version that we have improved several points of the platform that you told us that needed to be improved and leveraged what you already liked, whether in the profile or team registration, or in the use of the platform as one all. Thank you very much for collaborating and making our portal always improving.

Modality selection

This is probably the main improvement of this version. In previous versions, in every portal session you were browsing, you needed to filter by the desired modality. Now you select the modality in the main bar and have a completely customized navigation according to the modality you play, that is, if you want to see Valorant profiles and opportunities, you don’t need to be filtering all the time, just select Valorant and all the portal will only display content related to Valorant.

Modality selection

Platforms and new modalities

Many players, mainly from games like Overwatch, told us that it was missing to know which platform the player was. In the case of modalities like Overwatch in which they exist on multiple platforms (PC / Xbox One / PS4 / Nintendo switch) it was very difficult to know which platform the player or team competed for. Now you can, in addition to the modality, select the platform on which you want to browse the portal. All data will be displayed related to the selected platform. Cool huh?

Multiple platforms

Profile with modalities and platforms

Profile registration

Many Duality users have reported difficulty in creating the profile. Several profiles were created incomplete because the athlete did not know how to continue. We made several profile improvements including a step-by-step registration to help everyone complete their profiles as soon as they log in for the first time! We hope this makes it easier and helps everyone to complete their profiles.

Profile registration


Before the update, when receiving a notification, it was not clear how the user could act in relation to it. We now display the actions related to the notification in the notification itself. Do you want to accept a new member on your team? Do you want to accept an application to your vacancy? Now you can do it directly by notification!

We also improved the dashboard to display pending actions. Now on your dashboard you can see everything that happened that requires some action from you.

New Duality notifications


The opportunities section has also changed for the better! It has now become much clearer what happens when you apply for a position or when you are accepting a candidate for your position. We changed some messages so that you can better understand the whole process!

Duality level

Before the update, it was confusing to search for a player of some specific level. We created the Duality Level to help you search for players of a level compatible with yours. We use as a base the level in the platforms that the player registered in the profile and thus create a unique level within the platform!

Duality level


We have improved our dashboard to help you always have the links and important news easier!

New dashboard


It is now possible for you to set your time zone! We know that many athletes are in regions that are in other time zones, when configuring your time zone all dates and times are displayed according to the configured time zone!


We made several improvements to improve performance when loading pages. The Duality that was already fast just got even faster!

Looking for training

We redesigned our menus to make it easier and clearer to find what you are looking for in the world of eSports. With that, we removed the search for training menu by the hour. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, we have received several feedbacks related to this functionality and we will return with several new features soon!

Visual and platform usage improvements

We did our best to make your user experience even more amazing! We made several visual improvements to make it increasingly clear what is happening with each action you do in Duality! From colors to positions of some elements, everything was thought with great care listening to your feedbacks.

Let’s not stop here

I would like to thank immensely everyone who asked for improvements and who helped shape this new version. It was all done especially for you.

Rest assured that we will not stop here. You may have noticed that we are running several tournaments and that part is not yet on the website, we are working to give you visibility of all the tournaments that are going on, as well as showing results of the matches, registered teams and more! Wait for news!

A big hug!