Duality against COVID-19

In view of the moment we are experiencing, which is the apprehension of people in relation to the coronavirus, the Duality Team has been thinking for some time about how we can help in the e-Sports scene by bringing something good for both players and our partners.

The actions that we will be doing are not aimed at profit, the financial collection will be to help the Arena Cyber Gaming lan house that was unable to operate in the quarantine time. We also want to bring something good to all the players who used to gather at the Arena and other lan houses to interact. The championship prize can also help teams continue to evolve in times of difficulty.

What is a bootcamp?

Bootcamp is a championship simulation, where all the teams involved face each other to train and improve their tactics and skills.

Much better than playing in a match making is being able to train with other teams that are also taking it seriously! Without trolls and with TOP 128 tick rate servers, the experience of playing our bootcamps will be very close to playing a championship.

Events calendar

Events calendar

How do I sign up?

Create your team in Duality and then immediately make your pre-registration on the registration page. The team does not need to be complete to pre-register, but until the event your team needs to have all registered players and each player needs to use steam as a contact form. It is through the steam linked to the profile that we will get the steam id to give access to the match server.

Be sure to participate! By subscribing to any of our quarantine events you will be helping the lan house Arena Cyber Gaming to continue delivering a TOP experience to the world of e-Sposts.

See you around.