What is registration validation?

From now on, the next official championships and matches on the Duality platform, including the Duality League that is coming in March, will require registration validation.

To validate your registration, it is necessary to send us your brazilian CPF (for now other documents from other countries are not allowed) along with two photos, one of the document itself and another selfie of you holding the document.

Although the number used in the registration is the CPF number, the CPF document does not have a photo and nowadays it is not even issued anything physical. That's why we ask that the photos to be sent are from the CNH (brazilian Driver's License) that contains the brazilian CPF or brazilian RG that contains CPF. Both documents must have your photo.

Why is this necessary and how will it help improve the quality of matches?

It shouldn't be news to you that existing matchmaking platforms are infested with cheaters, trolls, smurfs and toxic people. These players, even if banned, return to play with other accounts.

Requesting the CPF from players and ensuring that they really own that CPF makes it possible for us to apply the appropriate punishments to the person's registration and not to the game account. This makes cheaters and unethical players banned from playing on our platform with other accounts.

Our main objective is not to end cheats and toxic issues, we understand that it would be practically impossible to do that, but to end the impunity.

I will play Duality League and matches on Duality platform. How do I validate my registration?

To validate your registration is very simple. When entering the Duality platform now, in the side menu, an alert will appear saying that your registration is not yet validated. This alert will only be displayed for logged in users (may require a page refresh - F5). To start the process just click on this alert.

Registration validation alert

It is also possible to access the registration validation form through the user menu.

Menu item for registration validation.

After clicking the menu item or alert, you will be directed to a form. Fill out the form paying close attention to the instructions for each field.

Registration Validation Form

After filling out the form, you will see that the message in the sidebar has changed. (may require a page refresh - F5)

Registration alert under review.

What about after I submitted the form? What happens?

Our team will review your application and approve or reject it. If your registration has been validated, you will see a message in the same place as the alert saying that the registration has been validated, otherwise, you will see an alert saying that the validation was refused.

Validation alert passed.

Validation alert declined.

If your registration was refused, don't worry, you can try again as many times as you want.

Information confidentiality

Duality is a responsible company that has very well defined privacy policies and complies with data protection laws.

We will not display your CPF or your personal data without your authorization.

Final message

We know what we're doing is different. But we guarantee that no other platform cares as much about these issues that hinder players' gameplay as we do.

We are not looking to create a cheat-free platform, but we do want to provide the highest quality games possible for players in every way.

Expect more news in the coming days!