Do you know what are the impacts of a good captain on your team’s performance? They go far beyond strategies for the big win! That’s why we have separated a complete content that will help you to understand more about this great leader that cannot be missing in your team!

To take the team to victory, some requirements are important, besides having good players, having a good captain is indispensable! He will be responsible for acting as a leader for the other teammates, in addition to assessing the team’s strengths and weaknesses to organize tactics and strategies.

So it is very important that this person is someone who knows your team above all. With this, she will be able to map the roles for each person during the game, in addition to relocating any player if necessary. For example, if a person is not on a good day, he knows that another player can fulfill this function, reallocating the players and empowering his team for the match.

In addition, the captain needs to understand well about the game, the use of weapons and what resources will be available in the matches. And as he will be the player who will guide the others, it is essential that he conveys confidence and inspires his team, in addition to knowing the right time to use his guidelines to remap the team in cases of bad rounds.

If he finds it valid, the captain may have one more reference within the team. Known as “Second Caller”, this player is a type of assistant captain who at certain times can assist in command, giving ideas to the captain during the game.

What is the impact of a good captain on the team’s performance?

Team games without a captain have an influence on individual skill. That is, as much as the players are together as a team, they will seek to resolve the match according to what they themselves think is most appropriate. And it is at that moment that things may not go the way you want, because without a strategy and definition of functions, some point may be left without attention and end up being defeated.

The main impact of a good captain on the team is to make each person work together so that everything flows as needed. As we mentioned, individual skills are important, but when aligned with strategies they are even better, allowing the team to achieve the dream victory!

How to be a good captain during a match?

If you want to take this position, it is important to know how to behave during the match to get the best results. Check out some steps: Do your best: being the captain is to lead your team through your example, after all, the other players will mirror your attitudes, whether you expect it or not. So, if you try too hard, they will understand that they should try too. This is even more so if your team is losing the match. Make the situation clear, but show that all is not lost, and with effort is able to turn the situation around. Even if it is difficult to keep your spirits up when you are losing, it is essential that this is done, as remember that your colleagues need an example to be followed.

Respect is essential: before, during and after the match, respect your opponents and your team. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, respect is essential to maintain harmony. Ignore boos and insults if they happen and never return obscene offenses and gestures to the public. In addition, show your team that all functions are important so that together they can achieve victory. Therefore, diminishing the colleague by a function or performance should not be allowed.

Assume your mistakes: believe it or not, it makes a big difference! That’s because leading is about taking responsibility, like mistakes. It is normal for things to go wrong, so when it happens do not make lame excuses, assume your mistake and if appropriate apologize. Also remember to explain this to your team, as it is not the captain’s job to take responsibility for other players’ mistakes.

Talk to your team: to be a captain it is necessary to use a lot of communication. Share with the team the reason for having used a type of strategy, the reasons for having mapped the roles. This, in addition to improving the relationship with your team, makes everyone know what is really happening, and works together to make it happen.

How to choose a good captain for our team?

If your team is in doubt about who can be a good captain, we have separated some tips that can help in this big decision, look:

Someone who knows your team: As stated earlier, choosing someone who already knows the team members makes a lot of difference. Because as the captain will be responsible for developing strategies, it is necessary that he knows what each one can exercise and how far he can go.

In addition to skill as a player: to be a captain it is not enough to play well, it is important that he manages other techniques, such as precision in managing situations that may arise during the match, knowing how to talk and guiding his team to follow the best path.

There is more than one person: does your team have more than one person who would qualify as a captain? Give the suggestion of a main captain and an assistant, this can improve even more during the game, as the assistant can give new ideas to the principal.

Extra tips for you

You are not born a good captain, so be patient and practice. Don’t focus on mistakes, just focus on doing your best, in your own time.

Being a captain is not necessarily being totally outgoing, there are different types of leadership. Some people are more communicative and talk a lot with their team and others are quieter, preferring to lead by example. Just choose the way you feel most comfortable.

Being the captain does not mean being the best player on the team, but remember that you should always seek to improve your skills. Do your best and focus on improving your strategies.

Set a routine so that on the day of the game you are relaxed and ready to focus all your focus on the match. Having a good night’s sleep and eating well makes all the difference.

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