Hey players, are you all right?

Today we are going to bring a very cool topic that will be useful for you and your team, these are tips to get more out of your e-sports training! With them you can improve your skills in any online game. Before you start, know that no tip is miraculous, some may work for you and some may not, but it never hurts to try, right? Then check out the tips:

Make the highest fps counts

Come on, Hertz is the measure used to measure the frequency of the monitor’s refresh rate, that is, how many times the display updates to show new information on the screen (fps). To improve the quality of e-sports, many players have started to skip 60Hz rates and move to higher refresh rates, such as 144Hz, which is the most common, and even 240Hz.

The answer for this to work is purely mathematical. For example, if your monitor and its fps rate is 144 fps and Hz, the animations on the screen will be more fluid, because the higher it is, the smaller the amount of interpolation between the different “drawings” on the screen. That is, you will be able to see the game in more detail, facilitating its usability and agility.

Use knowledge to your advantage

It may not seem like it, but just playing repeatedly is no guarantee of improvement. Even knowing your favorite e-sports tactics, it is quite possible that you have not learned or noticed certain things from him. Now that you know that, how about dividing your time? After training, watch pro player tips and matches and study what’s going well in the current season of the game. There are several sites that you can follow, such as Stay in Pit for CS: GO, which brings interesting statistics about the game.

You can also think of strategies for your team and then apply them in practice to get a sense of what it will be like when you’re playing for real.

Tips for getting the most out of your e-sports training

Of course, the more time you dedicate to training in a game, the better you will stay in it, by learning what to do, what the mechanics are and understanding the goal. But there comes a time when it seems that you are no longer advanced, is it? This is where the best equipment will make all the difference, as it will allow you to do what you want quickly and reliably. But where to start?

Mouse: you can choose a mouse with a high DPI, which in addition to being more accurate, also creates smoother movements with the cursor, allowing the eyes to easily focus on complex actions in the chaos of a team battle. There are also other models that have shortcut keys, which increase the number of skills.

Keyboard: Let’s start with the basics, do you know what the difference is between a standard keyboard and an e-sports keyboard? One of them is the mechanical keyboards, used by professional players, who use individual computers for each key. This means that each has its own specific circuit and a dedicated mechanical spring, all of which makes it possible to increase accuracy. Other gamers’ keyboards have low resistance keys, so they take less time to press. This may seem insignificant, but even a few extra milliseconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Take care of your health too

We know that some workouts are long and take time, but you also need all the necessary care to keep your body and mind healthy. Include in your routine some physical exercises, a balanced diet and an hour of rest. In addition to doing good for your body and your mentality, this will also help with performance, whether in training or in play.

Enhance your workout even more

Another benefit that you can derive from your workout is your skill. So how about using it in other situations and learning even more? Many e-sports like PUBG and Call of Duty put players in situations that are not always fighting the enemy, and reward much more strategy, positioning and even camping.

And since in many games training to improve your aim and other skills is limited, how about improving your training in other programs? They are called Kovaak Aim Trainer and Ultra Bullet Curve.

Now that you have seen how to get more out of your workouts, try to apply some practices, when they are combined with a good training routine they can bring great benefits! Take the opportunity to share this content with more people! To the next. ;)