Hey players, all right out there? Well, as we always say, you should already know that e-sports is a modality that grows more and more. In 2018 alone, people from around the world watched e-sports videos for more than 6.6 billion hours. Can you imagine this number updated these days? This is just one reason why you have an e-sports profile. In this post we will talk about the importance and how to create a profile in a very practical way. Here we go!

Main parts of e-sports

Before you start creating your profile, you need to understand about each piece / player within e-sports and how they work.

Companies that own the game: this is where it all starts. You must have already seen Riot Games or Epic Games, they are responsible for creating the games. When this game becomes popular among players, leagues are created that organize games championships, and are responsible for publicizing, creating rules, getting sponsorships and other activities.

Leagues: As you saw above, when the game starts to become popular, leagues are created to organize championships in which several teams or solo players can compete for a prize. In many cases, the leagues do not have full ties with the companies that created the games, but there can also be cases where the companies that own the game create their own league. This was the case with CBLOL (Brazilian League of Legends Championship), which is managed by Riot Games itself.

For companies, creating a league is a very strong marketing strategy, because in addition to gaining profit, they gain more publicity about the game and more players that will help the company to grow.

Teams: as we have seen that e-sports has been growing, it is common for more people to create teams to be able to participate in the championships and get prizes, sponsorships, visibility and more. The advantage of a team is that it can have several teams in different games, as is the case with Intz, which disputes:

League of Legends championships; Cross Fire championships (leagues); CSGO leagues.

With a complete profile, joining a team becomes something much easier, but calm down, let’s get there.

Broadcast: this is one of the advantages of e-sports, its broadcast is open for everyone to watch online and for free. It is not necessary to have access to cable TV, for example, because some channels broadcast the games on free platforms like Twitch or Youtube.

Player: we finally got to you player! Many players who are good or are still learning can play professionally and make money. In addition to playing for a team, you can also earn money from sponsorships, broadcasts, and more. That is why it is so important to have an e-sports profile.

How to create an e-sports profile

Here at Duality you can create your unique e-sports profile and show the world who you really are and how far you want to go in the competitive landscape.

  • First access our website, just [click here] (http://www.duality.gg);
  • Go to create profile and register;
  • Add the mode to the profile;
  • Add levels and functions.

And done, your profile was created! You can also add more information to your profile to make it more complete, such as your skills, available times for training, your experiences, your goals, levels and even a description. The more complete your profile, the better it will be for you.

Why is having an e-sports profile important?

Now that you understand a little about how it works and how to create your profile, why is having an e-sports profile important? Well, as in any sport, it is very important to be seen, known and attract the attention of other players and people. If you want to grow, you have to show up and take advantage of every opportunity. Currently there are plenty of spaces dedicated to e-sports, which disseminate news and tournaments that are about to happen, just like here at Duality.

Register on our platform and ensure all the visibility you are looking for to become a great e-sports player and succeed with your profile.

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