Hi guys, how are you?

My name is William Weckl, better known by the guys as jack, who has been my nickname since I play or organize something of e-Sports.

Some of you may know a little about my background in e-Sports, but I think it makes sense to contextualize everyone first of all.


I’ve been organizing e-Sports championships since 2006, I had a lan house in Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil. Since that time, most of the championships that I organized, I also took a team to play.

In the beginning my team was very weak, we gathered some friends and competed without much expectations, we didn’t train or anything like that. At each championship I played with a different team. Despite the challenge of organizing the tournament and playing at the same time, for my lan house it was good because I always had 1 team ready and I gradually gained space on the stage, both as an organizer and as a player.

Towards the end of the CS 1.6 season, I had a good team that was among the best in Paraná, always being among the 3 best in the biggest championships in the region.

But how did I achieve this result? That’s what I intend to tell you a little more in this post.

The e-Sports scene and the importance of small teams

The scenario is not only made up of good teams, starting teams are also important. Have you ever imagined a football championship or any other sport in which all teams are favorites to win? No matter the sport and the championship, there are always stronger teams and weaker teams and that is part of every tournament.

Let’s think about Gamers Club championships, which are a hit with Counter-Strike players. Do you think that if only the big teams play the championships, how many teams would we have in the championship? 15? 20 maybe? The GC championships have more than 500 teams registered!

Do you think it would be worth GC to organize championships with so few teams? They would probably stop doing it.

Small teams are the ones that most help to move the scene, making more championships and consequently more companies put money to move, the prizes are better and many more new players start to be interested in starting to play. No one wants to play a game that other people don’t compete in, no matter how good that game is.

If you are a toxic player, reflect your concepts, because the community only exists because there are a lot of people playing, regardless of experience and level.

The importance of always playing the championships

Imagine then that you trained a lot, but never played any type of tournament. You feel prepared, your team has won all Garmers Club matches. What is the chance that you will win in the first championship?

Championship matches have a different element compared to match making matches, they worth something. And this is when the psychological takes it for real! You can be the best player in the world, if you can’t stand the pressure of the match you won’t be able to perform at your best.

I hear many players always saying that they are not prepared enough to play championships. The truth is that no one ever is, but if you don’t play, you won’t have the experience to win important matches when the time comes.

The tip I give and that I also did that is to play as many championships as possible. And that my friends today is a lot easier than when I started, that there were few championships. Nowadays there are several, all of them wanting to grow more and more and for sure they will succeed with your help.

Trajectory until the first victory

Okay, now you know your importance within the competitive scene and the importance for your individual game of playing championships, but how do I win the first match and gain experience?

First step for this is to be patient. Nobody wins the first championship right away. In CS 1.6 I went to win my first championship match after my fifth championship. That’s right, I had to play 4 championships just taking shakes to start learning how it works.

Gradually I got colder, I didn’t fall under the pressure of the opposing team and I managed to do my best!

The important thing here is to never give up and use each defeat as a learning. What did you do that you could have done differently? If you can answer this question with each championship you will learn and improve. One step at a time.

But my friends, it’s really worth it!

At CS:GO I started playing a few months ago, again I played 3 or 4 championships losing all games, but in the last Duality championship organized in partnership with Arena Cyber Gaming I won again. The feeling of victory in an important game is unique! I was very homesick for this feeling and it is something that I will look for more and more.

Do not give up! Eventually you will win and you will know what I am talking about.

Who has less time to train, can win?

It is a fact that the difficulty is greater, but that does not mean that it is not possible. In CS 1.6, my team among the best was the least trained. We played once a week, when we played. But we were very close and very friendly and that made us play very well together. We knew exactly what the other was going to do and more importantly, we didn’t put pressure on each other and that made us play a lot lighter.

We were all used to playing championships too, so that pressure I told you about at the beginning didn’t exist. Each player was his best version in every championship, without anything impacting that. This is an experience that can only be acquired by playing many important tournaments and matches, even losing.


Well guys, this is what I had to tell you. I hope it will be useful in some way.

In summary, we saw that:

  • Smaller teams are very important for the scenario!
  • Playing as many championships as possible gives you the experience needed to win important matches
  • Losing is not a problem, the problem is not trying and not competing
  • Be patient! The experience comes with the journey and stumbling along the way are part of it all.
  • Reflect on each defeat, what could have been done differently?
  • A united team is a differential factor and can lead your team to victory even when training less time
  • The feeling of victory in an important match is unique! Fight for it!

See you guys.