Hey guys, all right? If you play CS: GO you know that this game can be quite intimidating, especially for new players, especially if you fall into a ranked match with experienced players that eliminate everyone at the speed of light!

But for you to improve your skills, you can count on some tactics, both individually and as a team. Then prepare the ammunition and check what they are.

Individual tactics

Practice never hurts

CS: GO is not an easy game to be dominated from one day to the next, so it is essential that you practice all the time to become a good player. To do this, choose Deathmatch mode, there are no goals or rounds in it, so you can train without worries.

Mastering Recoil

In CS: GO the bullets do not follow a continuous line, they move according to the recoil (recoil) of your weapon. As you play, you will begin to better understand this “spray” effect, which must be compensated in the movement of your aim. To find the best weapon for you, the best thing to do is to empty your cartridge against a wall. See how the bullets behave and try to compensate for this effect by moving the mouse in the opposite direction at the right time.

How to position your crosshairs

It is very important to know how to position your aim in a way that improves your aim and makes it faster. For that, you need to know the map minimally, to know where the enemy may appear and where your head will be. Practice your aim in corners where your opponent’s head may appear, this will minimize the distance between moving your mouse, and it will be essential, especially if you are defending.

The ideal weapons for every situation

Whenever possible, especially in competitive mode, buy a vest and helmet. The kit costs $ 1,000 and makes all the difference when exchanging shots with opponents. Regarding weapons, the M4 and AK-47 are the most used, mainly because they are the most versatile. If the opposing team is saving on purchases, submachine guns or SMGs are a good option, as they cause a lot of damage against opponents who don’t have a vest.

Customize the settings

Understanding which settings work best for you is also essential, so you can feel more comfortable during matches. One of these settings is the sensitivity of the mouse. Most professional gamers use mice with about 400 dpi and a sensitivity of 2.0. In addition, you can change the color of your aim to one that doesn’t mix so much in the environment. After making the changes you think are necessary, make sure you have reached at least 64 fps, to optimize your gameplay.

Group tactics

Communication is very important

#### If you can do a lot of damage yourself, imagine working as a team! A well-balanced team is capable of conquering any territory in just a few minutes, but for this, communication is extremely important. If you have identified an enemy, let your teammates know where they are and where they are aiming.

Mass attack

If an enemy is left on the map and there are still two or more players on your team, attack the opponent from both sides, because while he is concerned with hitting one, the other manages to eliminate him quickly. You can also create a distraction for the enemy while a second unit attacks you.

Separate your group strategically

Your team must keep in mind the role of each one and what each member is able to do or not do. After all, you are not going to let a player without much individual skill cover a difficult entry from the kills or try to eliminate an opponent alone. When defining the position of each one, take into account both individual and group characteristics.

Never attack alone

First, it is very unlikely that you will survive a face-to-face encounter with a group of enemies that have crossed your path. Second, you will always need some friends to cover your move and support you in a confrontation. You can walk in pairs or in a small group, always maintaining a leader. For example: the leader crouches, protecting himself from an enemy, while the other player covers him, the third has been covering the rear.

When should I start caring about this?

Now comes the big question, when should I start caring about tactics and strategies in CS: GO? If you don’t want to play just for leisure anymore, and want to start entering championships and maybe one day become a professional. Following these tactics will lead you to the path of victory. And remember, practice makes perfect. Meet with your team and start practicing, define the role of each one and see how the performance will be.

What’s up? See how quiet it is? And if you don’t have a team yet, just create a Duality login and find the best one for you! But if you already have one, share this text with them! : D