It's not news to anyone that we're going to have a new version of Counter-Strike probably this year. If you already have access to the beta, you must already be getting a taste of what CS could be like that will last for the next decade.

Everyone also knows that the new version should come with improvements to Valve's official servers and its matchmaking platform. But we also know that community servers have existed since version 1 of the game and always have interesting improvements. Whether it's because community servers have different modes, fun plugins or are of higher quality, servers are part of the essence of Counter-Strike.

It is different from other modalities in which the best servers or the only servers are those offered by the developers, the best CS servers are and we believe will always be those of the community.

And that's why Duality, a company that has already organized dozens of CS:GO championships, is launching its CS2 server product and best of all: for free!

Differentiators of Duality's CS2 servers:

  • • Free wherever, whenever and however you want for 1 simultaneous server instance
  • • Various optimizations for best performance
  • • With more than 30 availability zones in data centers around the world, you will have the best ping to play
  • • Simultaneous starts with infinite cloud scalability

How will free work?

You will have access to an admin panel where you can start your server whenever you want, without paying anything for it.

How do I register?

For now only pre-registration is open. You can do it through the official website:

When it will be available?

Although some other companies offer CS2 servers, there is still no official way to create a dedicated server on Source 2.

This means that if you are not playing on the official servers, you are using something that has not yet been officially made available by the developer and this could have consequences for the companies that are providing the service.

The game publisher has already made it clear on its FAQ page that community servers will be available in the new version, but that we need to wait for the functionality to be released by following the official CS2 and CS:GO updates page. We commit to starting to make our servers available as soon as there is an official way to do so, even if at first with limited functionality. This should happen sometime by December 2023.

In the first release waves you will receive the IP and an RCON to use the server as you wish, you may not yet have a panel to manage your server.

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