How will Duality League work?

The Duality League will be divided into series according to the level of the teams (we will explain a little better how it will work in the next few days).

Each series will have up to 20 teams. All teams will face each other, with first and second matches.

Sound familiar?

For those who follow Brazilian soccer, you certainly managed to associate what we are doing with the Brazilian championship.

In fact, the league model was inspired by the Brazilian soccer championship model. The goal is for teams to train, play a lot and play quality matches, so that this training is beneficial.

Obviously we will also have prizes, but we understand that the focus is to improve the experience of players and teams by providing a safer environment than the environments that exist today.

Safe environment

As we mentioned in other previous posts, we will have some mechanisms so that the matches in the league and on the Duality platform have more quality. Everything was thought of in the smallest details to make this happen.

The message we want to leave is that WE CARE ABOUT YOU! WE CARE ABOUT THE COMMUNITY.

We understand that what we are doing is different from the usual. But we believe that right now the CS:GO community needs something different. Need someone who really cares about the scenario.


How will Duality League work then?

  • - Stages every 2 months, starting now in April.
  • - Division of each stage into series, in the first stage according to the level of teams on other platforms. In the others, the league itself will level off.
  • - All teams face all teams, from beginning to end of the championship.
  • - Each victory adds 3 points to the team in the brackets, each defeat does not add any points. There are no ties, OTs will be played.
  • - Tiebreaker will be balance of rounds.
  • - Winners are the ones with the most points and they will receive prizes.
  • - The awards will be announced in the coming days but will be differentiated by series.
  • - The first 4 of the series will be promoted from series in the next stage, the last 4 will be relegated.
  • - First games will be played in the first month of the league, return games in the second month.

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