There are basically two ways to execute commands on a CS2 server:

  • • Using the CS2 console
  • • Using a tool that sends commands using the RCON protocol

Using the CS2 console

The easiest way to send commands to a Counter-Strike 2 server is to use the game itself to do so, using the console.

If you don't know anything about the console or don't know how to open it and execute commands, you can check out our blog post about this.

However, unfortunately this option in CS2 has a limitation that did not exist in the Global Offensive version. You need to be disconnected from the server to run commands. We don't know exactly if this behavior is intentional or if it's a bug, but the fact is that this has been happening since the beta versions of CS2.

If this is a problem for you (I imagine so, as it doesn't make sense to have to disconnect from the server to execute commands, it's so annoying that it's unfeasible), you can check the second option in this same post.

If this is not a problem, you can run the following commands using the CS2 console:

  • • rcon_address <IP>:<PORT>
  • • rcon_password <PASSWORD>
  • • rcon <COMMAND>

Using the RCON tool

There are some RCON tools available for download.

We tested some of them, but the one that served us best was the Counter-Strike 2 RCON Tool made by a redit user and posted on the forum.

To download the tool, you can click on the .zip file of the latest released version on the versions page of the tool.

In the tool you can register a server and your RCON password.

CS2 server registration screen

And execute commands on the server.

Execute CS2 server commands screen

The tool also has other features such as:

  • • View the player list
  • • Kick / Ban players
  • • Autocomplete for commands
  • • Sending chat messages
  • • Among others

List of CS2 server players

Other CS2 server features


Today you learned how to execute admin commands in Counter-Strike 2.

With this you can manage your CS2 server offered by Duality.

If you are a beta tester, be sure to give us your feedback. If you haven't been selected yet, wait, your turn will come too :)