During the match it is very unlikely that everyone on the team will always be together, not least because this is nothing strategic, so the players must establish a tactical communication between all the participants. Believe me, she is the key to victory!

Communication is essential for the success of the match, and for you to know how it works and how important it is, we have separated a complete text with tips for your team to do everything the right way and achieve victory!

How was communication in games

Did you also go to Lan Houses with friends? If so, we know that voice communication was not that special, after all, all you had to do was shout at your friend next door and the problem was solved. But how to communicate while away from your team? Since the first online games, the only means of communication was the traditional chat, but that changed with the arrival of other applications for communication.

For a long time Skype was a great ally of players, because it was possible to make voice calls in groups, but as some games were too heavy, using Skype simultaneously required a higher performance of the computer, hindering the good performance in the game. That was when other companies developed applications just for this need, like Twitch, TeamSpeak and Discord. In addition, some games like HoN, Dota2 or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS have the option of talking to other players by voice, facilitating communication with your team.

Digital grouping with other players totally changes the game experience, in addition to being able to comment on the game in real time, it is possible to think of strategies to improve the performance of the group.

Importance of communication during the match

An online game is based on strategy and for everything to work the best it is necessary for players to communicate. The problem is that, many times the players are not all in the same place, so tactical communication through an application is the most appropriate to ensure that everyone is aware of what the next steps will be taken.

This communication is indispensable because it allows, for example, to warn about the approach of the opposing team, assist in the best move and change the strategy, if necessary. Furthermore, it is through communication that the captain can change the team’s plans, ensuring that everyone knows quickly what is being done.

In general, tactical communication in game is essential as it keeps the team aware of what the next steps will be, ensuring the best strategy for victory. Tips to improve in game communication

Be strategic and objective

During the game it is necessary to pay attention to many points, but this becomes more difficult without any guidance, and this is where tactical communication comes into play. During the match each player can be responsible for information, and from the moment he starts to give direction it is possible to have an accurate and assertive move.

Remembering that every command in the game must be followed without question, but for this it is essential that the player analyze the situation well before informing it, allowing the speed of individual response in a team play.

Use sound quality to your advantage

Choose to use programs for voice communication, and avoid communicating via chat. While you write several things can happen, after all, you get out of control to be able to communicate, consuming a much longer response time than just talking. Use the chat to write down schedules or command codes, phrases or comments are unnecessary.

The obvious needs to be said

This is a phrase that needs to be taken to the letter. Even if your play is obvious, remember that you are playing in a team and everyone’s goal is victory. So whenever possible, direct your team what your movements and moves will be, clearly and directly. This facilitates the sequence of future actions, using the best of each player for a single objective.

Establish a routine

It is always important to remember the importance of a routine. After all, if you are stressed, had a bad night and did not sleep well or are experiencing another problem, this will influence your behavior, including the way you play and communicate. If this happens, before starting the game look for ways to calm down and talk to your team, they can also help.

What is the best communication program for games?

Several communication programs are good for games, as they basically have the same functionality, but to facilitate the choice, we have separated some that are considered the best:


Twitch is one of the main ones used by gamers, this is because it has its own interface for players and allows integration with several games. Within the same room it is possible to subdivide people, not disturbing the conversation with another person who is not in the same role.


TeamSpeak, known as T.S is a very simple and lightweight interface. It is possible to divide the players into rooms, chat and voice. But unlike Twitch / Skype, it does not have video calls or send files.


Discord is also on the favorite list of gamers, because in addition to the video call, voice and text chat functions, in Discord you can customize your own group. In addition to being a lightweight and very functional application.


One of the first communication programs, Skype is still used by some players. Even if not focused on gamers, it is complete. You can make national and international phone calls, video calls, chat and share your screen with others. Its only negative point is the weight, which can cause lags in its departure.

Now that you already know the importance of in-game and break communication, you still discovered some programs to communicate, how about sharing this content with your team and start putting this strategy into practice?

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