Lineups are the key to victory, so it is very important to make a good lineup. For that, your team can count on help from a good captain, who should understand how the game works and what function suits each player.

If you are experiencing difficulties in setting up a lineup, we will help you, we have separated some steps and tips to facilitate this moment. But first, do you know what a Lineup is in the universe of e-sports?

What is a Lineup and why have one?

You have certainly heard of Lineups, they are very common at festivals, as they present all the singers who will perform at the event. In e-sports this is no different, because through Lineup you will present your team’s lineup for the match.

If you intend to participate in championships, it is very important to define a Lineup. With it, each player has a role within the game, facilitating performance as a team.

How to set up a Lineup?

Now that you know what a Lineup is and how important it is, how about building yours? We have separated some steps that can be useful:

1 - Choose the scenario

CoD? LoL? CS? With so many game options it is even difficult to choose one, right? But to start with, it’s interesting to focus on one. Talk to the crowd and plan what they want to play, after that do a brief research and define what suits each player. If you do not have a captain to define the roles, a questionnaire among the team can assist at this point.

2 - Create your brand

You will be remembered for it. So creating a brand and a name for the team that sends your team is something very cool! Take the opportunity to search for names of gamers groups to get inspired.

3 - Separate each function

At times like this, having a good captain makes the difference, after all, he knows his team well and can assign roles to each one. But if your group has not yet decided this, rest assured, there are other ways to scale the players. One of them is a form for the initial evaluation of each one, through which it is possible to evaluate the commitment to the team, the determination, availability for training, collaboration and team behavior. After the initial assessment, conduct a practical assessment and see how each player will behave during the match. As this will be a way to define your players, be very objective and clear in what you expect from each one in each role.

4 - Define location and times for training

If your team lives nearby, choose an address so that everyone can come and play together. But if that is not possible, you can choose a program for [communication for games] ( and set a time that is good for everyone. Training at least twice a week and with as many players as possible makes all the difference in the end.

5 - Create and participate in tournaments

With the team assembled and a lot of training, the big moment has come, time to test your tournament skills. Look for tournaments and register your team. If you can’t find any, create a minicamp and call other teams to play, do something in the game, but be sure to try. 6 - Bet on communication and disclosure

As in festivals, your team should also promote Lineup. Create a page, encourage your team to share and interact with the public, broadcast matches and show your team to the crowd!

7 - Respect and education

Without respect and education your team will not get anywhere. This goes for both internal and external, so be very clear with all members so that they do not generate discussions, prejudices or intolerance within or outside the group.

8 - Extra Tip

Find a team on Duality! On our platform you can form teams and find the right people, taking into account age, available training schedules, in-game level, country and location and much more!

How to present my Lineup?

This is the perfect time for your team to use creativity. You can make a video showing each member and what their role is, creating art or just text. But remember that the more you get the audience’s attention, the more fans you can have!

Now that you know how to set up your own Lineup, how about sharing this content with your team?