Duality League and Duality Platform Punishments

This is a sensitive subject, isn't it?

Nobody likes to be punished or banned. If we didn't believe that this is really necessary, we wouldn't be talking about it.

Unfortunately, the community is infested with toxic people, cheaters and players who get in the way of other people's fun. I often have difficulty even calling it a community. This all creates a snowball effect. The first player is toxic, the second player retorts and becomes toxic too. The first player cheats, the second cheats too to be able to have chances against. If he can, why can't I? It is a common human thought. At Duality, we want to put an end to that!

In order to improve the quality of the matches, we have established some punishments for those who do not want to take the game seriously. We believe with all our strength that this is the best way to bring a safe and quality environment to others.

Our intentions

First of all we want to make it clear that Duality has no interest in harming those who are playing fair and according to the established rules. Our intentions are the purest possible. We are also players, we also suffer from the same problem and we want to change that for us and for you too.

All infractions will be analyzed by a committee and decisions taken together. It will not be a single person who will set the punishment, players will be punished when the evidence is very clear or when the analyzes made by our committee are conclusive.

We will not punish using inconclusive evidence and opinions of other players. Players should report suspicious activity but should understand that reporting is not a guarantee of punishment, all cases will be analyzed.

What will be considered irregular?

  • - Toxicity
  • - Cheats
  • - Use of smurfs accounts
  • - Use of steam accounts and Duality accounts of other players
  • - Match abandonment
  • - Results manipulation
  • - Disrespect for our organization or non-compliance with the code of conduct

Some attitudes will have more severe punishments than others, also understanding the seriousness of each situation and in each context.

You can check all the punishments that will be applied, how they will be applied and what criteria our organization will take into account by accessing the page of Duality League.

Sexism and Toxicity by Gender

In addition to the punishments mentioned above, we want to make it very clear that we will fight for all communities.

One of the communities that have been attacked the most is the female community. This community has been suffering since the beginning of eSports. We have already witnessed and followed reports of girls who suffered extremely unpleasant attitudes. Players telling them to "go wash the dishes", saying that they were even going to play seriously but now that they saw that they have a girl on the team, they will just mess up. Attitudes that we repudiate with all our strength.

The truth is that so far there is no safe environment for the female audience. The community inhibits new girls from starting and continuing to play.

We will fight for the existence of this environment. We know that cases will exist, but these players will receive the maximum punishment on the first occurrence and will be unable to play on our platform.

Final message

We really believe that respect and the feeling of community still exist, there are good people in eSports!

It is for them that we will fight. We don't want empty people in our leagues and on our platform, we want people who add value.

Duality is an organization that above all wants to generate a positive impact on the world, change people's lives for the better, this is our purpose. We understand that the possibility of having a profitable business comes from the consequence of being able to generate this impact and not the other way around.

Shall we fight for this community and safe environment together?

Come with us, together we are stronger! We look forward to seeing you at Duality League in April.