Registrations for single players open!

Always wanted to play in a league or championship and don't have a team? We thought of you too!

We'll help you find a team to play the league!

Requirements to participate

  • • Only Duality Premium players will be able to play the league, so you who signed up individually will also need to be a subscriber.
  • • Registration validation is also required to participate.

Steam Account Requirements

You will also need to meet the minimum steam account requirements to participate. They are:

  • • Prime Status.
  • • Minimum of 400 hours of registered CS:GO.
  • • Minimum of 3 badges/medals (example: years of service).
  • • Profile cannot be private. The profile must be public so that we can verify the information.
  • • Profile must have at least 50 friends. We understand that accounts with few registered friends may indicate smurfs.
  • • Profile must have at least 1 year of service badge.
  • • The account cannot contain a VAC ban.

How will the teams be formed?

We will bring together people of similar level and positions within the game that complement each other. It is important that you keep your profiles on Duality as complete and up to date as possible so that we can help you better.

Before we officially sign you up for the league, we'll set up a call for you all to get to know each other. The team will only be registered in the league when you all agree with the team we put together.

I have one or two friends to play with, can I? Yea! Certainly! As soon as you sign up, let us know on social media that we'll put you together in a team.

What if I get left over in the socket?

We know that for the math to work, we need a multiple of 5 and that this will not always happen.

If we can't fit you into a team, we have two possibilities:

  • • Return the Duality Premium money invested
  • • You can use Premium to book matches with your friends

What if the team wants to change a player?

If the team wants to change players, they can do so as long as at least 3 members agree with the change and that the player(s) to be replaced also meet the minimum requirements to play the league.

If the league has already started and you are already in a series, the substitute player(s) must be of a level compatible with the series you are in.

Penalties in case of give up

As with all other teams in the league, all players will be required to behave in accordance with the regulations. That is, toxicity, cheats, smurf accounts and other attitudes described in the regulation as not acceptable will be punished.

For the formed teams we will also have punishments for the players who quit, understanding that this harms the team as a whole. The player will be punished and the team must look for a replacement.

How do I register myself?

Go to tournament page and sign up. Simple as that!

Come to Duality League!

So does that mean that if I leftover I get money back, if I want to change someone on my team I can, and that trolls that fall on my team will be punished?

Yes that's right! Come play the Duality League! Together we are stronger!

More information will be released in the coming days! Stay tuned to our blog and social networks!